Sustainably harvested from a certified fishery

O-Krill 3 Oil

Krill may be the most abundant life form on the planet and have an extremely high reproduction rate, but it is also an important food source for marine life and many species of birds. Strict controls are in place to ensure that fishing is restricted to sustainable levels.

Currently, less than 0.03% of the total krill are fished annually, which is well below the annual sustainable harvesting quota of 1%. Catch limits are highly regulated and updated as needed by the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

The krill for FMD O-KRILL 3™ are ethically harvested and independently certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) as being sourced from a sustainable and eco-approved fishery. The MSC label on the packaging confirms our sustainable fishing practices.

Supply Chain of O-KRILL3™ has a total traceability. Exact catch location of each batch of a finished product is known and recorded. Select the lot number of your product (see bottom of the box) to find out where your krill came from.

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